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Think of your wedding day as a beautiful composition of music, and each vendor as a different instrument.  In order for your orchestra to make music together, you need a conductor, and that’s where we come in. The most important job of the conductor is to convey the message of the composer; you. This is your wedding day, your vision that we are bringing to life. The conductor needs to understand the music and how the composer wants their audience to receive it.

We are your orchestral conductor for your wedding day. It is our job to unify your vendor team and keep everyone on time. You can’t count on your photographer or DJ to run your timeline for you, just like you can’t expect the string section to keep the entire orchestra on tempo. With the right planner in your corner, each moving part of your wedding day will be brought together to create one big, beautiful piece of music. 


Full Event Planning & Design

From budget management to vendor coordination. this start-to-finish package is perfect for the couple that is ready to pass the baton to us and trust us to bring your vision to life. We will work with you from the beginning to fully design and plan your special day, with you as involved as you desire to be. Want to sit back and relax while we take care of all of the leg work? You got it!  Just remember, you call the shots. This is YOUR day. We will take over where we're needed and be there to support you with things you want to do yourself. Our Wedding Management service is included with full planning & design, as well.


Wedding Management & Design

Wedding Management is often referred to as "Day-of-coordination", but we feel that it is so much more involved than just one day. With this service, we will work with you in the months leading up to your wedding to:​ build your timeline, design your floor plan, communicate with your venues and vendors, distribute timelines and collect final confirmations from everyone, and, of course, orchestrate your timeline on the day of your wedding. During the month before your wedding, we will have two in-person meetings and as many phone conferences as you need. We will be at your rehearsal to choreograph your day, and you will have us for up to eight hours on your wedding day (you can always add more time if you feel necessary). This service is perfect for a couple that has all of the wedding details under control, and just needs a helping hand with logistics and making sure the day runs smoothly.


Book a planning package with us and receive 50% off our                                       services

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